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Free Tattoos

Explorers who collect multiple inhabitants of Killick Falls Lagoon with the Red PsiloFish Trait will earn the ability to get tattooed by Jesse Smith all expenses paid (flights, hotel & tattoo covered). The more you collect, the longer the tattoo session you will receive! Once the inhabitants with this trait have been claimed for a free tattoo, the Red PsiloFish will evolve into Blue PsiloFish which will render it no longer capable of being used for a free tattoo.
Each Red Psilofish is associated with 1hr tattoo sessions (maximum $200 value for a 1hr tattoo session). One free round-trip airfare for the tattoo session (maximum $500 value) and free hotel stay(s) for the tattoo session (maximum $400 value).
Red Psilofish
8hr Tattoo
Red Psilofish
4hr Tattoo
Red Psilofish
2hr Tattoo

Critters with Red PsiloFish Trait