Expedition 9 - The Invasion of the Feral Fish (MINTED ENDED)

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The goal of Expedition #9 is to further explore Killick Falls Lagoon. During this Expedition your job is to analyze and document as many creatures within the Lagoon as you can. This particular Lagoon houses a ton of different species all of which are rather docile in nature.


After years of putting his life on the line to explore and document Carkayous, Jesse finally felt confident enough to go public and introduce humanity to a world unlike anything that has ever been seen before. In March of 2022, Jesse put out a post inviting people to join his, first ever, public Expedition. This would be his eighth trip to Carkayous over the past 12 years. His goal with this Expedition was to return to Killick Falls Lagoon with a group of dedicated and ambitious explorers eager to carve out a name for themselves within this new land.

Jesse had already explored Killick falls lagoon during his second Expedition back in Jan 2011. He remembered the Lagoon, as a whole, to be a relatively safe place. The only creatures that he felt might pose some sort of danger were these yellow fish that he remembered darting around the Lagoon in small groups. They seemed to be pretty antagonistic and would pick on the other inhabitants but for the most part were pretty harmless.

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