Expedition 8.1 - The Blooming of the Psilofish (MINTED ENDED)

2,350 Editions | Crypto.com/NFT | May 3rd, 2022


The goal of expedition #8 is to explore Durken Forest to study the annual Blooming of the Psilofish. Jesse Smith led a massive collab project bringing together 13 different artists with their own take on a critter living in this forest each with their own unique story and way to adapt in this ever-evolving forest. This magical phenomenon attracts creatures from all over the island, and with the time-sensitive nature of this task, we need your help to document them all. So get ready, because a trip through Durken Forest will put your skills to the test.


In 2014, during the third official expedition to Carkayous, Jesse and his friends traveled to the Durken Forest, just northeast of Killick Falls Lagoon. From the outside, the forest looks rather plain, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving. The inside of the forest is a dark and hostile place, with danger around every corner. It takes a specific type of person to survive in an environment like this, and while Jesse's initial trip was cut short, he is ready to go back and face the forest head-on.
This time, Jesse plans to visit during the annual Blooming of the Psilofish. Each spring, creatures from all over the island gather around Larken Lake to witness these mushroom-like Psilofish reach maturity and transform into jellyfish that glow and float around the forest. These magical creatures play a vital role in the ecosystem and live for about a month until they die off or get eaten by the various creatures that inhabit Durken Forest. If Jesse’s research is correct, this event has a calming effect on the forest, allowing species to coexist peacefully, making spring the ideal time to visit.

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Five Eyed Flickler
Jesse Smith
Timmy the Turtle
Dominic Lessard
Speedy the Silent Sloth
Josh Woods
The Mighty Pee Wee
Thom Bulman
Aggro Bat
Leonardo Socorro
Lil Tent
Jesse Smith
Franklin the Kinda-Flying Squirrel
Merv Heiner
Sparky the Flying Piranha
Hombre Arrugado
Ollie the Awwwter
Steve Compton
Barry the Bat
Scott Olive
Daf Vador
Six Eyed Psycholla Fish
Jesse Smith
The Witch Owl
Dave Keonig
Willy Martin
Adam Aquas