Golden Acorns

We want to reward early explorers by giving away Golden Acorn airdrops that gives discount for future expeditions.

How to receive?

Golden acorns are airdropped to owners of Expedition 8 and 9 - receive 1 Golden Acorn for each NFT owned.

What does it do?

Golden Acorns can be used as a discount (in the form of a rebate) on future Expeditions (drops). This can only be used to rebate minted purchases (not secondary).

The initial value of the Golden Acorn is $15. For each new Expedition's snapshot - this value will increase by $15 AND the NFT will also evolve.


If you have a Golden Acorn from Expedition 8 and you don't burn it for 3 expeditions - the rebate value increase from $15 to $60 on the following expedition.

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